Sanne Boersma

Sanne Boersma


I am a PhD candidate in the Monitoring Modernity project and my research consists of subproject 3, the monitoring of immigrant integration in which I can fully explore my fascination for both imagination and visualization.


I am interested in how visualizations are produced through everyday professionalized and routinized practices of immigrant integration expertise, in which boundaries and localities are made plausible. Hence the research has an STS (Science and Technology) approach of examining infrastructures, boundaries and classifications. I relate this to my background in the humanities by analyzing the assessments and outcomes of immigrant integration expertise with narratological- and literary theories. Besides, being part of such a wonderful group of researchers means that perspectives and approaches from sociology, anthropology, geography, criminology and philosophy are also part of my research.


In my MA in Literary Studies at Utrecht University I focused on postcolonial theory and literature. In my thesis I analyzed the literary imaginations of (postcolonial) societies in the novels of Toni Morrison and Assia Djebar. I showed how particular strategies of writing in their literary works powerfully imagine the experiences of marginalized groups in society. The novels challenge the official narrative of a historical context and the traditional idea of the nation.


Furthermore, in my previous work as a journalist I wrote stories about the Moluccan community in the Netherlands for NPO Geschiedenis in which also the ways of visualization and imagination were central. This resulted in a virtual and local project called ‘Onder de klok van Vaassen’.


If you have any questions about my research, publications or anything else send me an e-mail at: