Jess Bier

Jess Bier


My work focuses on the postcolonial geographies of scientific and technical knowledge. As a post-doc, I am examining the changing spatialities of financial regulation during the current economic crisis (subproject 2). I also very much enjoy being part of the Monitoring Modernity group.


My first book, Mapping Israel, Mapping Palestine, is forthcoming from MIT Press (2016). Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork and archival research, I analyze how segregated landscapes have shaped the ways that maps are made in Jerusalem and the West Bank since 1967.


The book is based on my dissertation (2014) in science and technology studies (STS) at Maastricht University, under the supervision of Sally Wyatt and Bas van Heur. One chapter received a prize (2013) from the AAA. While in Maastricht, I also graduated from the WTMC and was elected a Ph.D. representative to 4S.


My Master’s degree (2008) is in critical geography from the CUNY Graduate Center, where I researched the circulation of labor and technology in the Arabic-speaking diaspora in the New York region. In the past, I have also worked in a variety of areas, including community organizing, publishing, education, bookselling, and biomedical research.


PDFs and more information are available on the publications list and, as well as on Google Scholar, Erasmus University, and LinkedIn. You’re also welcome to contact me at